Looking for the perfect gift for the biker in your life? No matter what price range you’re dealing with or type of hobbyist you’re shopping for, the perfect gift is just a click away. When you’re at a loss for gift ideas for the cyclist who has everything, we have you covered with five of the best and most unique bicycle gifts.

1. An Electric Bike

MetroCross (Low Step) ($1,299)

Give your fearless rider that extra power they need for long commutes when you gift an electric city bike or off-road e-bike! An e-bike is a great gift for bikers accustomed to traditional bikes because it offers a whole new type of riding experience. Many of our e-bikes can reach speeds of up to 19 miles per hour unassisted, or 22 miles per hour with pedal assistance. They’re safe for all weather conditions, and comfortable for riders between 5’2″ and 6′ feet tall. And, when you consider the many e-bike health benefits, you’re investing in more than just a fun ride.

2. An E-Bike Conversion Kit

20.8 Ah Samsung Ultra E-Bike Kit 24 Volts 250 Watts | 250 Series ($899)

If you can’t quite make the investment in a full-fledged e-bike, there are more cost-effective gifts for the bikers on your list. For example, our electric bike kits cost a fraction of what you’d pay for a complete e-bike, but afford you the same capabilities. They’re easy to install, and each one is equipped with a motor that lets you reach speeds of up to 19 miles per hour unassisted (depending on the model). The parts are easily replaced, so your cyclist won’t need to swap out their whole bike if one component fails after a few years. The batteries are removable, so the rider can charge on the go!

3. Bicycle Tool Kit

If your friend or loved one already has a bike that they love, or you’re looking for a simple gift for the cyclist who has everything, a bicycle tool kit can be a real lifesaver both in the garage and on the open road. Just make sure to invest in an all-inclusive kit with essential tools like a poker tool, a hex key wrench set, and a chain cleaner brush. It’s one of the most affordable yet useful gifts for bikers.

4. Cycling GPS

For someone who loves to cycle long-distance, a cycling GPS device may be the ultimate bicycle gift. It hooks right onto the handlebars and offers a brightly illuminated display suitable for all lighting conditions. It also saves the rider from having to drain their phone battery while out on long treks. Look for a model that offers automatic route downloads, excellent battery life and a waterproof design.

5. An Electric Scooter

7.8 Ah 350 Watt CrossFire Electric Scooter ($299)

Are you shopping for a university student? A local commuter? Someone who loves to cruise the downtown district? If so, an electric scooter may be the perfect alternative to other bicycle gifts. Leeds Bikes has electric scooters for college and commuting, and our e-scooters even work on hills. Their batteries can last up to 15 or 27 miles, and are all made in the USA. Best of all, they’re portable. When your rider is finished with their commute, they can just fold up the scooter and go about their day.

Did we miss your favorite gifts for bikers? Let us know!

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In a world of cars, trains, busses, and other commuting options, it is easy to see the vast array of travel options that affect our planet. However, there are plenty of other options that are better for our planet. One option is switching from gas guzzling choices for e-bike rides. After initial production environmental costs, e-bikes eliminate the need for using gas and in turn reduce the amount of emissions released into the air. As you can see by the graph below from the Travel Stats Man, e-Bike emissions are significantly lower compared to other methods of travel. They also don’t get stuck in traffic, meaning there isn’t any excess emissions caused by delays. Therefore an e-bike contributes less to environmental pollution. Another benefit is they have very low impact on the roads and don’t damage it like other transportation methods do. This means no repairs with heavy machinery need to be done. 

How can I calculate how big my carbon footprint is?


There are multiple ways to see how much you contribute, including smartphone apps and online tools. Policy Expert created a  very informative blog that shows how you can reduce the size of your own carbon footprint. There are some really interesting apps listed that are worth trying out, such as The Extra Mile and My Planet. The Extra Mile is an app where you can plan your route and calculate how much carbon dioxide you’ll emit. It even shows where you can make a few cuts in your travel in order to lower those emissions. My Planet is a fun app where you have a little slice of the Earth and it shows how your daily choices affect your slice.




How exactly do electronic bikes help the planet?


If everyone in the United States stopped driving cars for one day,  we could prevent 3.5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere. That sounds pretty tough though, right? Not being able to take your car anywhere for a whole day would definitely be a challenge. That’s where e-bikes come in. They reduce emissions and allow you to get to where you need to be in a decent time.Not only are they fun to ride, but they help minimize many negative effects on our environment! 


Other ways to help reduce your carbon footprint


Are you still wondering how you can lower the size of your carbon footprint? A couple of easy ways include using less water, insulating your home, and buying energy efficient appliances. Simply turning off the water when you brush your teeth or taking a slightly shorter shower will lessen the amount of water you use. It uses energy to get water to your house so by using less, you reduce the amount of energy you use. Insulating your home and using energy efficient appliances also help reduce the amount of energy going into your house. As you can see, electricity is the leader out of all of the global emissions sources, so any little bit can help!

Are there any other methods that we missed that you practice? Let us know! 

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As the new year rapidly approaches, many are looking for fresh goals to make this their best year yet. One area that receives a substantial amount of attention is fitness, and for good reason. Exercise helps you look and feel your best, and one great way to get started on your fitness journey is to set sustainable cycling goals. If biking has been on your to-do list but you need that extra push to get going, here are four biking benefits to consider.

Biking Is an Excellent Cardiovascular Exercise

Interested in adding more cardio to your routine? Cycling is known for getting the blood pumping and the breath flowing, improving overall heart health. It also provides you with other health benefits such as weight loss and improved leg strength. If you want an exercise that targets all the right spots, you’ll definitely want to consider biking benefits as we move into the new year!

Cycling Is Perfect for Any Age and Fitness Level

Unlike some other forms of exercise, cycling is great for everyone. Whether you’re seven or 70, active or just getting into a fitness routine, biking is a low-impact workout that will quickly become a favorite pastime.

For those who may find riding a traditional bike more difficult, why not pursue e-bike exercise? E-bike benefits go beyond health. The pedal-assist feature makes it easier for everyone to enjoy the ride. Plus, the powerful motor allows you to cruise at up to 19 miles an hour! From the elderly to those who use their bike as their main form of transportation, there are so many people who can benefit from e-bikes.

Going on a Bike Ride Can Improve Your Mental Health and Wellness

Biking benefits your mental health as well. Getting out of the house and staying active has a major impact on how you think and feel. If you want to start your day with the proper boost, cycling will release endorphins, help you get outdoors and into nature (which offers its own health benefits, and provide you with some much-needed stress relief.

Whether you’re riding traditional bikes, commuting daily on your city e-bike or hitting the trails on a battery-powered bicycle, cycling gives you an opportunity to clear your mind.

It’s an Environmentally Friendly Way to Get Around

Adding cycling goals to your New Year’s resolution has another major benefit: being eco-friendly. When you choose a traditional bicycle or e-bike in lieu of regular modes of transportation, you reduce your overall carbon footprint. Consider committing to commuting with an e-bike if you want to experience biking benefits for your own health and make a difference to the environment in a major way.

Once you understand just how many benefits cycling offers, it’s no wonder why many choose to add this simple exercise to their workout regimen. Do you want to start cycling but don’t know how to begin? Take a look at our selection of e-bikes and electric bike kits to help you get a head start on your cycling goals now!

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Learning how to stay active in the winter is now easier than ever. Thanks to innovative technology such as e-bikes and adult e-scooters, we have the help of battery power to assist our bike riding in winter conditions. From commuting through the city to hitting the snow-covered trails, getting that vitamin D and staying in shape during the winter is now something everyone can do. Here are some of our favorite winter exercise ideas.

Learn How to Stay in Shape During the Winter and Shake Off That Cabin Fever

Make Your Way Downtown

Electric city bikes are perfect for someone who is always on the go, and these bikes are designed specifically for city traveling. Use yours to head back and forth to work or run errands. This winter exercise idea keeps you healthy and cuts down on your gas or city transportation expenses. Getting your heart pumping will also keep you warmer than if you simply walked, despite the winter chill.

People of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy bike riding in winter with electric bikes, and opting to take your e-bike over your car can:

Improve the overall air quality in your city
Reduce traffic congestion
Keep you moving down the streets at up to 20 miles an hour 
Allow you to explore city parks that look like winter wonderlands

See the Sights 

Off-road, battery-powered bicycles are great for staying in shape because the excitement of the ride itself will keep you on the bike longer. These e-bikes come with dual motors for the power you need to conquer demanding hills. With extra-wide tires, they also provide added safety for the thrill-seekers heading off the beaten path.

Around the holiday season, it’s easy to stay home being tempted by sweet treats. Add going on an e-biking adventure to your short list of winter exercise ideas and burn off those home-cooked calories. In fact, bike riding in winter can lead to several health benefits including:

A stronger heart
Boosted immunity during flu season
Increase muscle density
Improved mental well-being

The longer you ride, the more you benefit healthwise, and riding electric bikes makes staying active in winter an easy task.

Scoot with Ease

Electric scooters are convenient, affordable, and like e-bikes, they open up a wide variety of possible winter exercise ideas. These scooters are portable and perfect for college students, commuters and fun-seekers. Get your exercise in by doing tricks at the skatepark, or push the scooter manually with your feet for some low-impact cardio.

If you get tired, simply use the motor to travel at 5 miles per hour on the sidewalk, or turn it to sport mode and ramp it up to 30 miles an hour. Fold yours up when you reach your destination and carry it with you. No parking space required!

Find Your Winter Exercise Solutions at Leeds Bikes

At Leeds Bikes, we offer more than advice on how to stay active in the winter. We also offer products that are environmentally friendly, and great for your overall health. Whether you’re looking for electric bikes for city cruising or off-road adventuring, we have everything you need to take full advantage of these fun winter exercise ideas. That includes electric bike kits that will allow you to convert your manual ride into a high-powered electric bike.

Our high-quality products come with free shipping in the US and are all backed by solid warranties. Contact us today and get started on the path to becoming healthier, saving money, and helping the environment. Charge up your bike and take charge of your health with bike riding in the winter!

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You’ve just decided to take your electric bike on a mountain trip, where you’ll immerse yourself in forest and river-filled scenery that rivals the greatest painting. The problem is, halfway through your trip with friends, you’ve discovered that your battery is almost finished.

Now what? If you brought spare electric bike batteries with you on your mountain rendezvous, it’ll take you just a couple of minutes to plug in a fresh power source and keep on riding.

The reality is, carrying at least one extra battery for your e-bike helps to extend the life of your battery and makes riding an e-bike a safer and more convenient experience for you. Here’s a rundown on the importance of having spare e-bike batteries in tow during your next bicycle sprint.

Exploring Downtown

One of the main reasons to carry spare electric bike batteries is that it will provide you with peace of mind as you commute to and from work daily.

Let’s say you’re riding an electric city bike, and your battery juice runs out. If you’re heading to work, that could mean calling your boss and letting them know you’re going to be a bit late. After all, many e-bikes can carry you up to 19 miles an hour when they’re properly powered. And the last thing you want to deal with after a long day in the office is peddling your way home. While it’s a great way to raise your endorphins and get rid of some of that work-related stress, it’s not always ideal.

In these situations, it’s a wise idea to bring along a backup 500w e-bike battery, for example. Now you’ll have the power you need to get back home every time, without having to wear out your legs in the process.

Touring the Countryside

You should also carry spare electric bike batteries if you enjoy using off road e-bikes in the mountains, on remote forest trails, or in any unpredictable and potentially dangerous terrain that can be hard to plow through on your own physical energy.

This will keep you from having to pedal if you’re not in the mood to do so, or if you’re not physically able to do so because of the distance you’ve traveled. After all, although electric bikes are generally getting lighter these days, they can still be double the weight of a traditional bike.

Having a spare 24 volt e-bike battery, for example, will offer you the security and peace you need to enjoy your wilderness journeys from start to finish.

Purchase an Extra Battery for Your E-Bike from Leeds Bikes Today!

At Leeds Bikes, we take pride in offering the highest-quality electric bikes, bike batteries, and e-bike kits for sale.

Our electric bikes offer a more eco-friendly mode of transportation that you’ll enjoy, whether you’re heading to work or to a weekend getaway spot. In addition, our kits come with all of the parts you need to convert your bike to a high-performing e-bike—one that will reliably go the distance for those morning and evening commutes.

You can also purchase an extra battery for your e-bike and contact us with any questions you may have about battery maintenance. We’d be glad to help you to get the most life out of your battery for those future e-bike journeys.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our spare electric bike batteries and other accessories, and start experiencing the power of using electric bikes for yourself today!

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